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Need a helping hand? Painter subcontracting is also available!

Save time. Forget the mess. Hire Boss Hog's Painting for your next big project!

Boss Hog's Painting is insured and provides quality and efficient painting for commercial and residential properties.

Over 15 years of experience we guarantee a job done right. Residential and commercial painters with a record of professional results. Trusted by local apartment complexes.

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Interior & Exterior Painting

Boss Hog's Painting has over 15 years of experience in residential & commercial property painting. We complete our jobs with your timeline in mind, with the highest quality of paints and service in mind.


Commercial Painting Services

Transform the look and feel of your business with a fresh coat of paint.

Give your customers the experience they want and the welcoming feeling they deserve! Industrial interior painting services are also available.

Get Your Business Painted

Professional House Painters

We provide interior house painting services! Impress your friends, family and with a fresh, professionally finished interior paint job for your living space.

The best interior painting contractors around, we know how to get your job done right.

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What makes Boss Hog's Painting Different?


Not all painters come onto the job site insured, we are. No worries subcontracting.


Not just your nephew. We have years of trusted experience, it shows in our work and with our clients.


Experience goes a long way in efficiency, we can tackle most painting situations.


We specialize in apartment complex servicing. We aren't overwhelmed with the occasional tight deadline.

Professional Painting

Happy clients across the area


Painting Your House

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Interior & Exterior Home Painting

Looking to impress? Save time. Forget the mess. Hire an experienced professional to get your remodel done correctly. Kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms, livingrooms, bedrooms and more. We paint it all!

Most Popular

Apartment Painting

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Commercial Painting

We Specialize in servicing the demands of apartment property managers and have been on the job for years. Don't leave your prospective tenants unimpressed. Get your units showtime ready!


Your Businesses

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Paint Subcontracting

House Flipping? Property Management? Short Handed? Need painting now? Painting for housing or commercial connoisseurs with a deadline to meet, we got you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an interior painting job cost?

Chances are you're looking at $2.00-$10.00+ per square foot. Costs vary based on square footage, paint, labor, experience, and more. Call for a free estimate so we can properly size up the job you have for us.

Do I provide the paint?

No, you don't have to. We highly recommend you let us decypher the paint that fits best for the job. We have our own process and preferences in selecting paint to give you the professional finish you've been looking for. The contractor discounts come in handy too, giving you the best value.

How do I choose the best color?

There are several tools available to help you in your efforts online. The Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer will give us precise values for the colors you're looking for.

Do I need to prepare the painting space?

It's best to clear out the room or area and remove any obstructions that can interfere with the areas you wish to be painted.

Can you or your team work as sub-contractors?

Yes. Any painting job is an opportunity to prove ourselves as a valuable painting contractor.

Do you paint apartments?

Yes. Absolutely! We love painting apartments, we specialize in interior apartment complex painting.

Do you paint houses?

Yes. Interior and exterior painting is a specialty of ours, our many years of experience will allow your job to get done right the first time.

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